How to maintain the forging machine in daily work

How to maintain the forging machine in daily work?
Forging machine tools are metal and mechanical cold-processing equipment. The maintenance of forging machine tools is generally divided into five parts. One is the inspection outside the machine. Check the screws and various parts of the machine tool and the welding place for abnormality. Do not start the machine for the problem. . The second is the test run check to check for abnormal sounds, collisions and frictions. If problems occur, stop running and check. The third is the input device check. The fourth is the gift box device inspection. The fifth is the inspection of the forging part.
For the daily work of the forging machine, the parts must be carefully inspected. If there are any abnormalities in time for repair and maintenance, it is necessary to pay attention to the addition of lubricant to all parts of the forging machine, which needs to be increased according to requirements.
The above describes how to use the forging machine in daily work, I hope to help you.


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