Damping horn for forging machine

Many people know that the forging machine produces a lot of vibration during use. Then, at this time, the role of the shock horn is indispensable. Next, I will introduce you to the forging machine damping horn.
The machine tool damping horn is suitable for metal processing machines, forging machines, textile machinery, printing machinery, generators and heavy equipment. When using the method, put the required horn into the hole of the machine tool, insert the bolt, screw it into contact with the load-bearing plate, and then adjust the level of the machine; after adjusting the level of the machine, tighten the nut to fix the horizontal state.
In general, the damper of a forging machine is used for the adjustment of the vertical parallelism of various machine tools or equipment. Since the floor flatness of the workshop is very different, and the height adjustment of the three-layer adjustable horn cannot be satisfied, the flat steel plate should be installed between the damper horn and the machine base of the low point position, and then the horizontal adjustment is performed. The first time the product is used, after two weeks of use of the machine, it is best to adjust the machine level again. When changing the position of the machine, the planer damper should be removed before lifting.


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