How to maintain the press?

It is very important for the daily maintenance of mechanical presses. Who knows the most about this work? That is the operator, they can find the problem of the press very early and prevent the damage to the press parts. Today, Xiaobian will introduce how to maintain the press.
Analyze according to different situations:
Pre-service maintenance of the press:
1. Check whether the oil pool, oil level and oil mark meet the prescribed standards. If it does not meet the requirements, it should be replenished in time.
2. Check if the button is flexible and there is no jam.
3. Check if the motor ground wire is loose, falling off or damaged. If it is loose, it should be tightened, and it should be notified to the maintenance personnel if it is loose or damaged.
4. Check whether the safety protection device is complete and reliable.
5. Check if the handles are flexible.
6. Tighten the nuts of the loose parts.
Press maintenance in use:
1. Start the hydraulic pump, check whether the hydraulic pump works well, and whether the sealing parts and pipelines are blocked or leaked.
2. Check if the limit switch function is good and the bump positioning is normal.
3. Always pay attention to the temperature rise of each running component and whether the sound is normal.
After the press is used for maintenance:
1. Inspect and clean all active parts.
2. Each control handle (switch) is placed in neutral (zero position).
3. Inspect, clean, and organize the work surface and work area. recording.
During use, the operator can notice the strange noise from the press; abnormal temperature rise, smoke, debris or metal particles in some parts; and leaking pipelines find problems. Every day, the operator should ask some questions and record the answers after the inspection to maintain a long-term maintenance record. The above describes how to maintain the press, I hope to help everyone!


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