How long is the cycle of precision punching oil lubrication?

Precision punching oil lubrication is an indispensable part of the use and maintenance of punching machines. It can extend the service life of punching parts and improve the safety of punching machines. How long is the cycle of lubricating oil for precision punching machines? This should pay attention to the oil used for precision lubrication of the precision punching machine. The oil is mainly composed of grease and oil. Let me know below.
1. Replacement cycle of lubricating oil in the punching gear box: The oil is changed once every three months after the first use of the punching machine, and the lubricating oil is replaced every six months after the initial oil change.
2. Punch balancer oil supply: check once a week.
3. Punch flywheel and bearing: This is closed type. It is also sealed with grease before assembly. It is filled once every two months and checked once every six months.
4. Manual centralized oil supply device: The oil collection tank of this system is equipped with an oil window to see the amount of oil. When the oil quantity is insufficient, the lubricating oil should be immediately injected into the oil collection tank.
The above describes the cycle time of the lubrication of the precision punching machine. Do you know something about it?


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