How to carry out maintenance on forging machine

Forging machine tools are metal and mechanical cold working equipment, how to forge machine tools, we must pay attention to the following points when operating forging machines:
1. Before the operation, prepare personal protective equipment, wear overalls, work shoes and work hats. The tools used should be fully prepared, cleaned around the machine tool, and the blank materials should be neatly arranged and balanced.
2. Before starting the machine, the equipment should be carefully checked. The equipment should be well maintained, the safety protection device is complete and effective, the clutch, brake and control device should be sensitive and reliable, the solid parts should not be loose, the grounding protection of the electrical equipment is reliable, and the lubrication system is blocked. Or lack of oil.
3. When working on the machine tool, it should be noted that you can't talk while working, you should concentrate on it, and you are strictly prohibited from smoking during work. The workpiece is not placed properly, and the foot switch cannot be stepped on to avoid human accidents. After each workpiece is punched, the hand or foot must leave the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.
4. It is strictly forbidden to place measuring tools and other items on the work surface of the machine tool and the mold.
5. When there is more than one person operating on one device, you must use the multi-person operation button to work. Everyone needs to have a clear division of labor, coordinate with each other, and avoid mistakes.
6. When equipment, molds and other related equipment fail, it must be stopped for inspection. When the device is not in operation, the power should be turned off.
7. It is strictly forbidden to put the hand or finger into the die to place or remove the workpiece. Hand tools must be used to pick and place the workpiece in the die.
8. After the work is completed, the power supply should be cut off, the surrounding environment should be cleaned, and the workpieces, tools, utensils and molds should be placed neatly.
9. During the production operation, equipment and molds are faulty, and special personnel should be requested for maintenance.
The above operators should have a high degree of responsibility and be familiar with the operation skills of this equipment. It is strictly forbidden for non-operators to operate on the machine.


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