How to deal with the problem of the working speed of the press

After a long time of use, the working speed of the press will decrease more or less, and the working efficiency may be worse than before. For this situation, maintenance should be carried out as soon as possible to find the cause of the malfunction to improve the working speed of the press. The following is a description of how to deal with the decline in the working speed of the press:
When the press is working, the progress is obviously reduced when the load increases, and the causes and corresponding treatment methods of the problem are summarized as follows:
1. The hydraulic pump fails, the output oil flow is small, and the pressure is low. Remedy: Exclude the press hydraulic pump output flow is small, the output pressure is low.
2. The system oil temperature increases, the oil viscosity decreases, the leakage increases, and the effective flow rate decreases. Remedy: Take measures to control the oil temperature.
3. The hydraulic system design of the press is unreasonable. When the load changes, the flow rate into the hydraulic actuator changes accordingly, resulting in a decrease in the speed of the actuator. Remedy: Design the hydraulic system so that the system flow does not change with pressure changes.
4. The oil is mixed with impurities, blocking the throttle valve of the flow regulating valve, resulting in a decrease in working speed and instability. Remedy: Clean components such as flow valves and replace contaminated oil.
5. There is air in the hydraulic system. Remedy: Clean components such as flow valves and replace contaminated oil. Remedy: Identify the cause of the intake of the hydraulic system and take measures to remove the air from the hydraulic system.
6. In the components of the system, the external leakage is serious, and the flow of oil entering the execution chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is reduced. Remedy: Identify the cause and location of internal and external leakage, and take measures such as replacing severe wear components to eliminate internal and external leakage.


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