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How to solve common problems with presses


How to solve common problems with presses

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The press is a kind of forging machine. It is a versatile forging machine with exquisite structure.
The press is a kind of forging machine. It is a versatile forging machine with exquisite structure. It has wide application and high production efficiency. How to solve the common problems of the press?
When the press is not engaged or the combination is not open after the press is operated, the elastic key is too tight, the spring needs to be replaced, the joint gap of the grinding key is checked, the brake spring tension is adjusted, the brake is replaced, and the brake belt is washed with kerosene. Round week. The common problem is the surface scratch problem. Although it does not affect the normal use, there are problems that need to be solved. For example, if the gap is too small, the surface of the pressure wheel is rough, the surface of the plate is improperly coated, and the pressure wheel has a zinc layer. , to make corresponding adjustments.
The crankshaft bearing heating may be due to poor bushing scraping, poor lubrication, re-scraping the copper tile, checking the lubrication situation; there is a lack of lubricating oil in the oil flowing out of the bearing, the lubricating oil is not clean, this time needs Check the lubrication condition and disassemble the bearing for cleaning. The guide rail is burnt because the guide rail clearance is too small, resulting in poor lubrication and poor contact. It is necessary to re-scrape the guide rail, adjust the clearance, and pay attention to lubrication.
It is very necessary to understand some common faults and solutions of presses, not only to solve faults in time, but also to improve production efficiency, greatly reduce the cost of production, and also apply to cutting, punching, blanking, bending, riveting and Forming and other processes.