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What is the mechanical principle of the press?


What is the mechanical principle of the press?

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The press usually drives the flywheel wheel by the friction disk to drive the flywheel rim, which has a compact structure and few transmission links.
The press usually drives the flywheel wheel by the friction disk to drive the flywheel rim, which has a compact structure and few transmission links. So what is the mechanical principle of the press?
There is no fixed dead point for the press. For larger die forgings, it can be formed by multiple strikes, which can be single, continuous and inching. The striking force is related to the amount of deformation of the workpiece. When the deformation is large, the striking force is small, and the deformation force is large. However, its low speed of the slider is blocked by the frame, so it works smoothly, which is the mechanical principle of the press.
The lower part of the press is equipped with a forging ejector. In summary, the press can be used for die forging, blanking, drawing and other processes.