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JH21 Series C Type High Performance Press with Fixed Bed

◆ Working status clear display

YC1 Series S ingle-crank High-precision Press

◆ High rigidity frame

JK21 Series C Type High Speed Press

Universal high performance presses are widely used in the fields of aeronautics

JD21 Series C-type High Performance Press With Fixd Bed

◆JD Series press with triple geared driven system,the stroke is longer than nomal presses, which is suitable for punching thick plate.

JL21 Series C-type Frame Fixed Table Press

◆8-step variable Stroke length.

JH25 Series C Type Two Points High Performance Press

◆ With double crankshaft, welded frame and square guide ways, the machine has the ability of anti-eccentrical load and high precision

YC2 Series Double-crank High-precision Press

◆ High rigidity body frame,to be capable of huge impact,with reliable accurancy.

YD1 Series C-Frame High Performance Press

◆ Working status clear display

YX1 Series Single-crank H Type High-precision Press

The press of this series adopts whole frame structure with rigid steel, high precision and wide operation space