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About Yanggu

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Jiangsu Yanggu press machine Co., Ltd. was founded in nineteen seventies. Headquarters is located in Yangtze River Delta industrial corridor along the core region of China's historical and cultural city south of Yangzhou -- Yangzhou national high-tech economic development zone.

Companies under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Yanggu press machine Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Jinyun sheet metal welding machinery Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Jiuda welding Co. Ltd. Yangzhou Taicheng Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Yangzhou Jinjia Machinery Co., ltd. It covers an area of 300 acres, plant 30000 square meters. Has a high-quality professional team and a group of experienced technical staff, with CNC milling and boring machine and all kinds of large and medium-sized metal processing machine tools, with sheet metal welding, sheet metal production equipment, detection means complete.

The company's long-term commitment to forging machine, the welding process, welding capacity of more than 2 tons, can undertake a variety of shield machine shell, electrical box made of sheet metal parts. Every year the company invested heavily in research and development of production of forging machine, and on this basis, the development and production of high performance press, closed double precision presses, high-speed presses, CNC punch press. Product structure design, through the three-dimensional finite element stress analysis, the dynamic simulation analysis, good rigidity, high configuration, durable, stable and reliable, the use of safe and secure, with very high price.

Products are widely used in aviation, automobile, agricultural machinery, motor, electrical appliance, instrument, meter, medical equipment, home appliances, hardware and other industries. For domestic and foreign customers to provide the most valuable tool.

On the basis of traditional products, R & D and manufacturing company is committed to high-end precision forging equipment, to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service is our eternal pursuit.